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Online education has been given many names, including: Web-based education, computer-mediated education, and internet-based education. However, we can distinguish different realizations according to the actual functions offered by the system.

ALS is based on a developed online educational solution that involves the incorporation of ICT and interactive E-content along with the use of audio and video components offering learners a multifaceted learning experience. It encompasses long educational experience, modern methodologies, cutting edge technologies and real virtual environment based on latest online learning components.

The resulting innovative virtual learning ALS model provides an integrated method of both self-paced learning and instructor-led learning embracing the delivery of:

  • Online content
  • Asynchronous sessions
  • Synchronous sessions
  • Academic support
  • Assessment
  • Administrative and student services
  • Technical support

These various components combine to offer a superior one of kind learning experience which is interesting and not cumbersome at the same time!

While ALS’s emphasis is generally upon the four skills, listening, and speaking are the primary targets.  Arabic is the language of instruction within the modules, with student to student and instructor to student(s) is all performed in Arabic. We believe this helps in the immersion process into the language.  Arabic grammar within texts and natural contexts are aimed at exhibiting the functional aspect of grammatical structures within everyday language settings.

In the Novice Low sublevel, online support for students will be provided either in English, or in the student’s mother language.

We believe that ALS comprehensive virtual learning model is a solution to your learning needs designed to help you achieve your goals and go beyond your expectations.