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ALS your key to success !

Arabic today is the official language of 22 countries throughout the Middle East and North Africa, with an estimated 300 million speakers.  As the fifth most spoken language in the world, our learners’ aims vary from personal, acquiring a new language, or learning the language of the Quran, and professional, getting a better job. 

With globalization, the Arab world has become the center stage for economic and business expansion.  Having Arabic speaker employees and managers is certainly advantageous for Western companies hoping to gain entry into unsaturated markets and emerging economies.  Learning Arabic can help you acquire the job you’ve always dreamed of or to travel and visit unique Souk markets and ruins of the world’s oldest civilizations.

So, whether your interests are personal, or professional, think of ALS as your key to success! Our program was designed with modern teaching methodologies, which facilitate fast acquisition of the language, making learning Arabic easy, interesting, and fun!