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Dear Colleague,

Welcome to the Arabic Learning System (ALS), one of the most innovative and high tech Arabic learning programs in the world! We say this with confidence, knowing fully well that we can offer your students and institution an enhance learning through a host of interactive instructional techniques, that can be used either as a comprehensive stand-alone online program using virtual environment, or as a blended program adapted with any face to face programs offered, a flexible solution for learners.

Because the various components are gathered together like building blocks, as shown in our Learning Matrix, an institution can choose to control one or several of the components offered. This allows you the flexibility of molding the program to fit your needs.

The teachers, course designers, programmers, IT technicians, editors, staff, and managers of ALS are proud to have been a part of the development of the program, and are sure you will agree that it’s the best and most effective Arabic learning program offered today!

The following Demo shows some features & sample exercises of the program.



Why choose ALS?


Like other learning programs, ALS delivers the content in an integrated system whereby the various language components such as syntax, morphology, phonology, and lexicon are put in the service of meaning, that is, to enable the learner to perform language functions appropriate for specific levels of proficiency.

The content of the program is authored by experienced instructors with many years in teaching Arabic to speakers of other languages. The e-development is based on state of the art methodology and technology, enriched with innovative modes of the language acquisition environment.



Institutional cooperation


There are many avenues for institutional cooperation with ALS:

  • ALS offers the program on a turnkey basis. The role of the institution would be the patronage, attracting learners and organizing them into groups, tuition fee collection and other administrative works.
  • The institution decides which lots of the general scope they would like to have control of (synchronous and/or asynchronous components, support, etc…) in addition to the works mentioned in the previous item. Both ALS and the institution adopt the resulting joint solution and agree upon financial and administrative issues accordingly.

If you would like more information or have any questions about possible avenues for cooperation, one of our service representatives would be happy to speak with you! Please contact us by e-mail, phone, or fax, and someone will respond within 24 hours.


ALS Team



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